Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ozmadawn-"Deepest Sleep" 2c41-limited to 50

Ozmadawn-"Deepest Sleep" 2c41-Limited to 50---out of print---
Over a year in the works from idea to completion, the "Deepest Sleep" presents two very different sides of Ozmadawn. Tape 1 is meant to be used as a aid for sleeping or meditation.(Smoke & Spirits) Side A has a looped vocal going in an out as static begins to fall in and out. Towards the end the sounds of alien birds can be heard. Side B the static is in full embrace,almost sounding like the white noise from a baby monitor.

Side C & D show Ozmadawn in it's cranked up krauty neu age glory. Side C lulls the listen in before it takes off into space,and continues on into a loop the 3 Spacemen would be proud of.Side D actually has a riff. The riff soon becomes engulfed by a blur of hiss and noise for the next 10 minutes. The noise begins to rise up and down,echoing side A, before the riff comes crashing in again.

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