Thursday, May 20, 2010

Borneo/Horseflesh "Courage Rock"&"No Riffs!"

Borneo & Horseflesh "Courage Rock" cd-r-limited to 50 & "No Riffs" c-41-limited to 33
A collaboration between Borneo(a rock band) and Horseflesh(a noise droner) doesn't sound like it should work, but it does. Even surprising the players how much it worked. Across the 5 tracks on the cd one can hear an understanding of different sounds at work,and each person allowing each other the space needed to do what they do best. For instance, where a guitar lead would be, the noise swells up and becomes the lead,at times engulfing the drums and guitar all together. At times it just sounds like Borneo are playing by themselves and no noise is in sight. A fruitful collaboration indeed. Talks of a volume two of Courage Rock is in the works. "This time with vocals!"

The "No Riffs" cassette is a different version of the same story above. Horseflesh asked if he could remix the album by slowing this drum track down,adding effects,backwards masking,etc. Borneo agreed and let him play without any of their input. Creating two twenty minute cavernous tracks of delay, distortion and tape manipulation.

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